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E-Commerce Consultancy

Baseline Design have over 15 years experience in Information  Technology. The past 7 years has been spent focussing on E-Commerce Consultancy. We've been helping massive global organisations and small businesses. Some of the highlights of our activities have been:

  • Project Managing the team who made the new Flybe.com. Bringing additional functionality to enhance ancillary revenues and a unique Rewards programme for Customers.
  • Strategic planning and delivery of Screwfix's Multi-Channel Fusion programme on the ATG platform. The programme replaced all of Screfix's retail architecture and has been nominated for a Retail Week award.
    • We are liking.....

    Bigcommerce v6

    We're massively impressed with Big Commerce. Having worked with big (and expensive) Enterprise systems like ATG and Hybris, we're blown away by the functionality on offer here for as little as $40 a month! This hosted offering eclipses all the other competitors in this space. I'd be worried if I was Shopify, EKM Powershop or Core Commerce at the moment.

  • Some of the features that had us grinning were a whole range of Promotional mechanisms, Mailchimp integration, Product Page videos, Google Base feeds and (I know it's a small thing, but its so important if your switching vendor) 301 redirects!

  • See www.bigcommerce.com for more details. We're in the process of becoming a Bigcommerce partner so talk to us if you want some help.


  • Apparel E-Commerce - Solving the the last big problem

  • Apparel sales online have always been compromised by customers' confidence to purchase, because as consumers we don't know if the product is going to fit. The big online retailers have offset this by offering incredibly favourable returns policies, but at a great expense to themselves.

  • Could the future be fits.me? This innovative software, which you can plug into an existing website, asks customers for their size details and models it for the user on a dummy with their selected clothing size.

  • It's not perfect yet, but we think it's a glimpse into the future and are interested to see who will be first to pick up on this technology in the UK.


    Target Process

    We've looked at countless number of Agile Lifecycle Management tools over the last few years and Target Process seems to have this space nailed. If you are just doing plain old Scrum there will be lots of options out there for you at the moment. However, if you find your processes are becoming more staged and heading in a Kanban direction, you will find the configurability of Target Process to be of great value.

    Check out www.targetprocess.com for more details and get in touch if you need someone to help you implement it.

  • What we're doing today.....

Peglers are a well known Outdoor Shop. They're experts at what they do - advising people about gear they need for anything from a walk on the South Downs to scaling Everest.

We've been advising Peglers on their E-Commerce strategy and getting some simple initiatives kicked off. Over the last week we've been setting up Adwords and Google Merchant centre accounts. The current focus is to do some very targeted PPC campaigns to assess the ROI and to get a Google Base feed configured. The effort already seems to be paying off.

In the Southern climbing community Peglers has a legendary reputation for the quality of advice, good prices and a good stock of specialist items. The long term aim is to widen the audience and let the rest of the UK (and perhaps Europe) benefit from that service.







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